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Since it's beginning the Full Gospel Church of God in Southern Africa has been a movement, a moving church with a mission of ministry to the world. In this new millennium, God is leading the Church of God as a global movement prepared to meet the demands and challenges of ministry in the 21st century.

The Full Gospel Church of God consists of people just like you. Every person who attends a Church function, event or local congregation is recognized as a valuable member of the body of Christ. About the Church of God presents a concise ministry review of the Church of God, its programs and ministries. If after visiting this site you should have any questions or inquiries about the Full Gospel Church of God or its programs and ministries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You gave them bread from heaven for their hunger,
And brought them water out of the rock for their thirst,
And told them to go in to possess the land
Which You had sworn to give them.

Read 2 Corinthians 4